Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Creation Explorer: Tracking the Flood in the Columbia River Gorge

CREATION EXPLORER CRV-1Creation Recreational Vessel
This retired 85’fishing trawler was reclaimed by the Creation Explorers Club, located in Portalnd, Oregon. They are Christian youth who are devoted to understanding the mysteries of God’s creation and desire to give Him the glory. The 1939 Piper Cub ‘Sea Scout’ aircraft complements the research capabilities of the vessel.

The first assignment for these ‘Explorers’ was to study the geology of the Columbia River Gorge and film their observations. The geology in this area has a very significant past in that it was carved by huge flood waters. After the ice age, about 4,000 years ago, what is now Missoula, Montana, was then a huge lake dammed by a great ice flow. The dam broke and this massive lake emptied and blasted through central-eastern Washington. The waters followed the path of the Columbia River, carving much away rock in the Columbia River Gorge, and poured out across the whole Willamette Valley.

This geologic discovery of the 20th century is extremely significant to science and to the Creation-model because it defies the predominant theory used by ‘old age’ scientists to explain geology in non-catastrophic terms. It proved catastrophes have had an influence on geology and demonstrates the great possibility that a global flood, as recorded in the Bible, could easily have carved out the dramatic features we see across the earth

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