Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Mission

We, the Creation Explorers, are a group of young people who, lead by John Pike, have taken an old retired fishing vessel and have transformed it into a Creation "Research"/ Recreational Vessel. We are using this mighty ship to make an adventure/documentary film that questions the authority and validity of the theories of Evolution and of "millions of years" Uniformitarianism. We want to show young people that they don't have to mindlessly accept the "theory as fact" approach to science, which teaches Evolution as scientific fact when it is actually far from it.
The whole universe was marvelously designed by an intelligent person. That person, the God of all creation, came to earth and revealed Himself to us. That person is Jesus Christ. He is the God of all and deserves to be glorified for what He has done and for what treasures He offers to all of mankind.

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